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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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I can't stop daydreaming of warm, 70 degree weather with the sun shining and wearing all of these things in this board. Is that crazy of me? I mean, wasn't Spring just here a few weeks ago? Where'd ya go Spring cause I'm ready for you. I think we all are, right?

I don't know about you guys, but I am dying to wear sandals and blousy tops, along with flowy dresses and such. The idea of not having to wear a sweater all the time and socks! Don't even get me started on socks and boots. The day that I can put away all boots, I will be throwing a party or something. It's so funny, because at the beginning of Fall, I'm all gungho about wearing my boots and being all cozy, and then right around this time of year I am ready to throw them all out! Anyone else feel that way too? I think it's just being stuck indoors all the time, it just gets me a little stir crazy. Or maybe just plain crazy about everything!

While we wait for Spring, let's just all put our brain power towards these items above and maybe, just maybe the weather will start getting warmer. Happy Wednesday friends!

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