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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A casual outfit for an afternoon spent in downtown Annapolis.
Old Navy Fitted Tank / J.Crew Linen Ruffle Skirt / Castaner Tonal Espadrilles / Prada 54mm Cat Eye Sunglasses / Clare V. Petite Alice

Gosh, so much has happened in the past couple of weeks! Cora graduated from pre-K (how is that possible??), we celebrated Vivi's 2nd birthday (again, how is that possible??), and we've just been enjoying Annapolis by being outside as much as possible. And in between all of that we've managed to go to the pool a bunch of times since it's all the girls want to do now that it's warm out. It's honestly been an amazing month of just lots of celebrations and lots of fun in the sun for us.

Instead of me trying to describe everything that we've done in paragraph form, I'll just let you scroll thru the photos below with the captions. It'll be easier for everyone including myself, hehe.

How cute is this? Her first diploma!

My dad helping Cora with her cap. What is it about kids in caps that makes them look so darn cute?

Surrounded by her doting grandparents after her graduation.

Had to get a standalone photo of the graduate.

On to Vivi's 2nd Birthday Party

Yes, Vivi has the matching dress that Cora wore to her graduation. They like to match which is okay by me since I know it won't last that long and I need to savor it while I can.

The theme of the party was all things to do with the Trolls movie. Vivi is obsessed with that movie and I knew I couldn't go wrong with that theme.

She was loving it all and knew immediately the theme.

This character from the movie was so funny and so iconic, that I knew I wanted to try my hand and creating him for the party. It was easy to make him, just very time consuming. It took me about 3 hours to make him from start to finish. If anyone needs this for a party, let me know!

Troll Hair. I saw this on Pinterest when I was researching ways to decorate for the party and I just loved this so much. Visually it's so pretty and let's be honest, cotton candy is truly a crowd pleaser.

I had gotten this same cake for Cora's birthday party and when Vivi saw it, she kept screaming out gleefully "Trolls! Trolls" so I knew this cake was a winner for her party.

Trying out one of her presents from her grandparents.

Sunday Funday

Just me and my not-so-little baby.

My loves with the exception of Emma (our Maltese).


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