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NYC with Cora!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Off we go!

Last Friday, we took Cora to New York City for the first time. We had been wanting to take her for so long, but just thought she wouldn't appreciate it since she was too young. But now that she turned five a few months ago, we thought it was time to show her a city that is dear to our hearts. Steve and I used to go every year right after Christmas as a tradition and it's always been one of our favorite trips to do together. We thought it would be so fun for her to see the city, especially after reading Eloise and seeing it in movies.

It was a quick 36hr trip, but it was jam-packed and so fun to enjoy the city in Cora's eyes. She was definitely excited and overwhelmed when we got there. Honestly, she was exhausted after we checked in and wasn't in the best mood. But that quickly changed after a carousel ride and lunch at Bryant Park. After the carousel, we ventured uptown to The Met at her request. That was the top thing for her. She had it in her mind to see the Egyptian exhibit since we had told her about it, and I think she was really intrigued at it all. We found out when we got there that she was most interested in the mummies. Lol.

Wow, okay just realized that there are lots of pics in this post. I'll stop right here and let you scroll & see the photos instead of reading what we did.

Her reaction to the city as we drove in to midtown.

A carousel ride was a great way to start our stay.

Got to The Met and she was pretty giddy before we walked up the stairs.

I wonder how many other people do this? We can't be the only ones, or can we?

Spotted the painting that's in one of her favorite books, Olivia!

Just like her mama, loves the jewelry.

Had to take a pic on the steps of The Met in honor of Gossip Girl. Xoxo.

After The Met, she really needed to get some energy out at a playground and luckily there was one right across the street from the museum. We spent about 45 minutes there and then headed back to our hotel to freshen up before dinner.

On our way to dinner and walked through Times Square so Cora could experience it firsthand. This reminded me of Kimmy Schmidt so much. They must make a killing just doing this. Worth it to see this beaming face.

We made reservations at Victor's Cafe, a Cuban restaurant, per the hubby's request. It was so good, and the decor was so on point.

They had these gorgeous paintings (I think?) all along one wall and I couldn't help but snap a pic.

So happy that Cora's old enough to take a good pic of us now, haha.

Cora really wanted pancakes Saturday morning, so I googled to see what restaurants near us would have them. Apparently Parker & Quinn did on their online menu, but when we got there, no pancakes on their menu! Anywho, it all worked out because they had French Toast and that seemed to do the trick.

This bag deserves its own spot. It's been such a great bag for summer.

Funny faces while waiting for our food.

The food was so good. I ate my entire plate, it was that good.

Again, the decor in this place was perfectly moody and chic. Love it.

I think one of the highlights of the trip for Cora was going to The American Girl store off 5th Avenue. She had never been to one before and to see so many dolls and accessories in one place in real life, it was definitely amazing and a bit overwhelming. I was a tad upset that we couldn't find one that looked like her but it all worked out in the end. We managed to find one that she really liked so we left on a good note.

After the American Girl store, we popped over to Rockefeller Center for Cora. And a pop-in at J.Crew was a must. Loving all of their hats this season.

Cora having some fun in there too. And yes I need this hat in my life.

After Rockefeller Center, we went to The Plaza Hotel to eat at their food court and to take Cora to the Eloise store. I am so glad we went there because The Plaza is absolutely gorgeous. It literally took my breath away.

I think if she could have, she would've spent all day in that store. They obviously have clothes, jewelry, makeup, all sorts of things to buy, but they also have a section with tables to work on puzzles and have tea parties.

A quick photo shoot on 5th avenue, no big deal.

When we got back to our hotel, there was an open market happening right out front. I immediately spotted this one vendor selling these gorgeous tablecloths and had to stop in. I was smitten with these two but they were just too big, but I managed to find something smaller in a similar print. Score!

You guys were all amazing on Instagram giving me some great food recommendations. One thing you told me to get was the Green Tea Mille Crêpes from Lady M and I did just that. I was able to get it at The Plaza's food court where Lady M has a stand. It got a little melt-y since we stopped at Central Park for a little bit before returning to the hotel room, but it was really yummy!

Until next time New York!


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