A Gorgeous October Wedding

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! I am recovering from an AMAZING weekend of celebrating the marriage of my brother, Tim, to his long-time girlfriend Liz and I just want to go back and experience it all over again. It was an absolutely gorgeous, outdoor tented event at Liz' parents' farm in Virginia and I can honestly say it was the most beautiful wedding ever. Every single detail was thought of and was so perfect and so them. I loved everything about it! Even more than the details of the wedding, I just loved seeing my brother and Liz looking so in love and happy. That's really all it's about and it was just pure love the whole time.

Right after the ceremony, we took photos in front of Liz' parents' house.

How gorgeous is Liz??

The dapper gents.

Such a pretty vignette to show the dinner menu.

My jaw literally dropped when we drove up to the farm to see all of this gorgeousness.

Their first dance. And now I'm all teary-eyed just looking at this.

She was loving her duties as one of the flower girls.

I realize that their dresses don't match in color, but I was in a bit of a pickle when getting their dresses. Cora had picked hers out and I was struggling to find one for Vivi that had the tulle. Even though their dresses were different in color, I think it worked out okay.

My dress / Cora's dress / Vivi's dress

Checking out the fish pond during cocktail hour.

They were dancing queens. I kid you not, they were the last ones dancing by the end of the night!

And this is why I love my brother and new sis. They had a pie bar in addition to wedding cake. I mean, pie you guys, I LOVE pie.

I also love wedding cake and this was not only stunning but also equally delicious!

To the happy couple!


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