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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The kitchen nook, and you know I had to do the Saarinen table with bistro chairs, one of my favorite design combos.

Hi guys! Gosh, it's been a while hasn't it? I thought I'd fill you all in on what's been happening around here. We finally moved into our new house almost two weeks ago, and we have been settling in just nicely. Both girls are loving the house and all the extra space to run around in.

I will admit that the first week we were here was a bit hard on everyone. I don't think anyone got good sleep. That seems to go out the window any time there's change for our girls. And with the new routine of getting out the door a lot earlier than usual, that was a bit difficult for all of us to get used to. But now, I'd say we're all slowly getting acclimated and have gotten into a good groove.

We've made some friends with our neighbors which I am so happy and thankful for. The girls, especially Cora, is loving making new friends here since she was worried about not making any. How cute and sad is that?? I don't think she has to worry about making friends anymore. Last night, she went trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids and made a ton of friends. Such a good way to make friends, right? Kids bonding over candy and costumes, you can't not make friends with that combo.

Here are some snaps of the past couple of weeks.

This was a few days before we moved out of Steve's mom's house and into the new house. We took a stroll around her neighborhood and did a quick photo shoot. Cora was particularly excited about her new boots that she got from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

We have been enjoying the neighborhood playground nonstop since we moved in. The girls are obsessed with it!

The other day, I chaperoned at Cora's field trip to Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian. Such a fun place! Very similar to Homestead Gardens, but way more chiller.

A quick Sam's Club run with the girls that turned into having lunch there and taking our time shopping, lol.

My little water babies itching to get in the water but knowing that it's too cold.

Our best friends came to visit us and we just had the best time. Miss you Gualdonis and Ryans!

My cheery little Vivi. Her top, leggings, & shoes.

Our first fire in the new house!

My new favorite slip-on-and-go shoes, and they're just $23!

If you're looking for a parka that isn't olive green or black, then this is what you need. This perfectly pink parka is my new favorite coat to wear when the temps drop.

I always wanted to be a ballerina, but clearly that didn't happen. With this dress, I think I can at least look like one, right??

When I saw this display at Anthropologie a week ago, I nearly gasped because everything is perfect. I'm obsessed with that Ciao tee with the sequins skirts and the black tulle skirt with the burgundy tee.

Got a few pics before taking these cuties to school. They're all dressed up for their school's Halloween parades. Well, Vivi refused to wear her black cat costume, she insisted on this look, so that's what we went with.

But then at her parade, she surprised me by wearing the black cat costume! A huge thanks to her teachers for working their magic and convincing her to wear it.

Having fun at the neighborhood Halloween party by the beach.

A good witch and a black cat go trick-or-treating.


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