Nordstrom's Fall Sale Picks

Thursday, November 09, 2017

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Happy almost weekend! There is so much to be happy about and to get excited about. For one, the weekend is almost here and we've got lots of fun plans with family and out-of-town friends. Our good friends who live in Atlanta are coming for a visit and I cannot wait to see them! They have an almost one year old daughter, Annie, who I cannot wait to meet and just give tons of snuggles to. I honestly can't believe she's almost one and I am just now meeting her for the first time! Bad Aunt Christina! Yes, I am scolding myself for not visiting her and meeting her sooner. But I am so thankful that we get to meet this weekend and try to squeeze in as much time together as possible.

And then on Saturday, we're celebrating my sister-in-law's 30th birthday and I can't wait for the festivities! We are celebrating her birthday at her parents' farm where she and my brother got married and I am excited to go back to such a special place for more merry-making.

That's not where all the good stuff ends, did I mention that Nordstrom's is having their Fall sale right now? There are so many incredible deals on their site that my roundup doesn't do it justice. I'll be creating another roundup before the sale ends, because they keep adding new stuff almost daily!

Happy shopping friends!

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