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2017 Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

Monday, December 04, 2017

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It's here! My gift guide for items under $100! This is definitely going to sound cliche, but I seriously want everything in this list. It all speaks to me and is all quite lovely in their own right, or at the very least quite useful. I mean who couldn't use another pair of pj bottoms, am I right? Those polka dotted ones are so sweet.

I have been stealing Steve's fleece robe for years now and think it's finally time I get my own, hehe. I think this one from Mark and Graham is so classic and cozy (love that you can monogram them!), I'd gladly give up Steve's for this one. Speaking of monograms, I'm kind of obsessed with anything that can be monogrammed including this jewelry travel case and cosmetic case. Ever since we've moved, I've noticed that my jewelry travel situation could be improved upon and I think that case would help out immensely. And I'm in desperate need of a makeup case for my purse. I need one that's going to be durable and not show a lot of wear (I have lots of food spills in my purse bc of my kiddos), I'm thinking this one just might be what I need.

Okay time to get some gift shopping done! And make sure to check out my Gifts Under $50 guide! Happy Monday friends!!

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