Wool Wrap Coats FTW

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

One of my favorite purchases this winter wasn't what I thought it was going to be. For some reason, I had it in my head that I was categorically against wrap coats. Crazy, I know. I think the ones that were available at the beginning of the season (like last August) just didn't appeal to me at all. They seemed so boring and the way they were being styled seemed a bit passé. Gosh, I sound like a jerk don't I? I don't mean to. I just want to explain the craziness that is my thinking process about this. Because I had seen what I thought was unstylish ways to wear a wrap coat, I just didn't even have it as an option for a winter coat.

But then the beauty (or rabbit hole, whichever you choose) of the explore page on Instagram had me seeing really chic ways to wear wool wrap coats. A lot of them were worn by European or Korean bloggers and I was immediately hooked at how effortlessly chic they would wear them. Thus began my hunt for one that wouldn't break the bank.

I like having more than one winter coat, in fact I like having 3-4 just to give me options. The more the better in my opinion! But I didn't want to spend more than $200. I know, I know. For a good wool coat, and one that is considered classic, it's more than fine to spend a decent amount on it. But I know me and I know I'll find another kind of coat I like that I'll want, and it'll be so much easier for me to justify that purchase if I don't spend too much on this one. My thought process is a bit cuckoo I realize but that's just how it works. Plus, I have Steve's voice in my head permanently telling me not to spend too much $$.

Anyways, I turned to one of my favorite retailers, Mango, and I was able to snag a wool wrap coat for under $200 during their huge sale. It is still going on and the coat is still available so I highly recommend you guys getting it before it sells out. I love that it's loose enough that I can wear a blazer underneath, but I can also tie it tight to make it more feminine.

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