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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Print Dress with Piping / Heels

Ever since the holidays, I've had quite a few things that I've had to return. I took advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and some things just didn't work for me and the fam. Well, when Zara had their big sale during that time, I had Cora pick out some things that she needed (i.e. a fun coat for non-school times), but of course she rejected them all once she tried them on. Does that happen to anyone else with their kids?? She's quite the picky shopper, so I had quite a bit of things to return to Zara. And anytime I return things, I'm so tempted to stop & shop and of course temptation always gets the better of me. And it did yesterday!

I couldn't help but shop around since they're having another big sale. I'll admit, it was a bit overwhelming to scour through the racks, but I managed to find some things that worked out. In fact, I was kind of hoping to find a pair of nude pumps and I find one for $36! I have them linked here so make sure to get a pair before they sell out.

And make sure to scroll down to see the other pieces I tried on, PLUS more sale items that I've rounded up so you don't have to keep searching on their site ;)

Ribbed T-Shirt / Faux Leather Mini Skirt With Pockets / Heels

Ruffled Openwork Embroidered Top / Double Breasted Buttoned Coat


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