Cropped Wide Leg Pants Styled 3 Ways

Monday, June 10, 2019

Striped Regular Fit Scoop Neck T-Shirt / Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants / Zara heels (similar) / Cora Beaded Tote / Sunglasses

Gosh, it's been a minute since I shared a styling video, eh? Well, I'm finally back with one today and I'm really excited about it because the featured item (Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants) is on sale! There are more ways to style these cropped pants, but I figured I'd start out with these three looks first. Plus, if I had made the video any longer I'm afraid I would've made you bored, hehe.

Head to my IGTV channel to watch how I styled these cropped wide-leg pants three different ways! Or you can just shop each look on this post.

J.Crew shirt (similar) / Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants / Zara slides (similar) / Petite Market Basket / Red Sunglasses

Nordstrom Top (similar) / Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants / P.L.V. sandals (similar) / Urban Outfitters bag (similar) / Sunglasses


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