Local Hunts Part IV: Shoemaker Country

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm taking a little break from the Kitchen Goods Wish List (wish list II) to let you in on a new discovery I made this past weekend.

I visited my brother, Tim, up in Charles Village in Baltimore on Saturday and on my way home I stopped by Old Ellicott City to check out some of the antique shops and boy did I find some goodies. Sadly, I did not purchase anything this time around but that was simply because I was overwhelmed by the selection each shop had to offer. Well, really it was because I got there a little late in the day (most shops close at 6pm on Saturdays) and I wanted to hit up as many stores as I could before making any purchases. Ya know, covering all grounds before putting money down. I thought it was a smart idea (it usually is) but I didn't pay attention to the time and so I did not make ANY purchases. Sad, no?

I was able to make it to four shops, but there was really one that stood out. It was the first one I went into and definitely the largest one too. The Shoemaker Country shop is curated elegantly and effectively. I was nearly gasping over every single item that I laid my eyes on.

Foolishly, I left my camera in the car thinking that I wouldn't need it but, oh the minute I walked into the store I was kicking myself.Thankfully, their website has photos but they just don't do justice to what is in the store.

If and when you do make it to this store and for some crazy reason you can't find what you're looking for, don't fret. Just bring your ideas and designs to them and they will build it for you. How great is that?

Great over a fireplace or on a foyer table with two lamps just like the way it is in the photo.

Besides furniture, they've got a great collection of artwork too.

If your kitchen needs an island, this is it. It's even got cubbyholes for books and things.

I can picture this in a grand foyer (marble floors & staircase) with a Chinoiserie vase on top.

When I go back to Shoemaker Country, I'll make sure to post up photos of my purchases, promise.


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