Mermaid Hut

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am simply going gaga for all of these tables from Mermaid Hut!

Golden Bamboo Butler Table with Removable Tray for $179.00.

I love anything that is gold, painted gold, gilded gold, you name it I love it. The gold gives off a sense of decadence, but is balanced out by the relaxed charm of the bamboo.

Golden Bamboo Two-Tier Antiqued Mirror Folding Table for $249.00.

Golden Bamboo Antiqued Mirror Tables - Set of Three for $399.00.

Golden Bamboo Round Nested Side Tables - Set of Three for $429.00.
My dream nesting tables~ I nearly died after discovering these.

Organic Shape Stool / Side Tables Set of Two for $299.00.
Great deal since you get 2!

Alexandria Bone Hand-Carved Inlay Occasional Table for $569.00.
Pricey but gorgeous.

Elephant Ceramic Side Table for $199.00.
This would add a bit of whimsy and intrigue to any room.

Lotus Leaves Porcelain Garden Stool for $349.00.

You're right, I am supposed to do a whole post on garden stools and I haven't as of yet. It's definitely coming but I just had to post this one up.


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