Have a Decorating Dilemma?

Monday, October 05, 2009

I realized this past weekend that, yes, it is helpful that I post items that I think you all will like but what if you have specific needs for your home that I haven't covered yet? Then I'm not much of a good resource, so let me help you find the right piece.

Send me an email with your decorating dilemma (photos are a must) and each week I'll choose a dilemma to address and post my suggestions for the right solutions for your space.

So, let's say you need help finding the right mirror for your entry way, just send me a photo of your entry way and I'll post several options for you to choose from based on what you currently have in the space. Make sure to include a price range cause I have been known to get carried away at times.

Things to include in the email just so I know exactly what your needs/wants are:

  1. The dilemma at hand (i.e. foyer table, headboard, etc.)
  2. Style or mood you want to create with the addition of this new item - feel free to send me links to websites that best exemplify your ideal .
  3. Photo of the space
  4. Price range

Start sending me your decorating dilemmas. Can't wait to help you all out!


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