It's Like Nice Lingerie For Your Drawers

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

LivingEtc wrapping paper to line your drawers{LivingEtc}

If there is anything I can do to spice up an item that I use everyday, then by golly I'm going to do it! And with that said, I can't think of a better everyday item that could be a bit gussied up than drawers and shelves! Just like lingerie, drawers are hidden but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. Especially for those who get to take a peek, why not? They even make scented drawer liners which will help keep your clothes smelling good, so it's like lingerie and perfume all in one!

Another good option if you can't find scented drawer liners are gift wrap paper. They come in lots of different patterns and colors and if the paper is thick enough, they are just as sturdy as drawer liners. One thing to note though, I wouldn't recommend gift wrap paper for kitchen drawers since water will definitely damage if not destroy the paper. Instead, I would opt for oil cloth or drawer liners specifically for kitchen drawers. If you need a how-to guide for placing drawer liners, check out this step-by-step guide from homelife.

I've already used drawer liners in my vanity in our bedroom but after finding the ones below, I might just have to switch them out for new ones!

Scented Shelf & Drawer Liners
Each roll includes four sheets; each measuring 18" x 24" for $11.99

Chevron Drawer LinersChevron Drawer Liners
12" x 18" sold in a pack of 6 for $25.00

Scented Drawer Liners in Giftboxes
6 sheets for $18.95

Elum Designs Bamboo Lattice (Canary) Designer Gift Wrap Paper
22" x 34" sheet for $3.75

Scented Drawer Liners for $16.00

Moorish Blue Drawer LinerMoorish Blue Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft

Lace Drawer Liners
16.5" x 22"; 6 Liners Per Box for $18.00

Zinnas Drawer LinerZinnas Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft

Castelbel Portugal - boxed drawer liners 6 sheets
18.7" by 24" for $15.99 (1 box of 6 sheets)

Cherry Blossoms Drawer LinerCherry Blossoms Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft


  1. I LOVE these!!!!

  2. SUPER cute Christina - I love the name of this post! :) I remember telling my friend once that she HAD to buy these shoes bc they were like "lingerie for feet" haha.


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