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Monday, March 08, 2010

{Page in the catalog that I can't stop thinking about}

I just got the new Spring 2010 Crate and Barrel catalog and all I can say is that there is one page in there that I cannot stop thinking about! Normally, there'd be at least 5 pages that I would be drooling over but surprisingly not this time around. Well, okay there is 5 but still! But the one in particular that keeps coming to mind revolves around their gorgeously spring-y lamps! They're all quite affordable and would really go with anything you've already got in your home.

And yes, there is one that screams "Pick me! Pick me!" It really would look perfect on our foyer table...

Hutton Table Lamp for $129.00

This is the "One" I'm talking about. How pretty is it?? It's simple in shape and color but the texture really makes it unique.

Some of the ones below are from Crate and Barrel and some are not. Either way, they reminded me of the warmer months that I am so impatiently waiting for.

Pineapple Table LampPineapple Table Lamp for $179.00.

Wood Table Lamp - BrownWood Table Lamp - Brown for $129.99.

Green Ceramic Table LampGreen Ceramic Table Lamp for $142.49.

Phoebe Table LampPhoebe Table Lamp for $149.00.

Addison Table LampAddison Table Lamp for $119.00

Zoe Table LampZoe Table Lamp for $139.00.

Flagger Table LampFlagger Table Lamp for $19.99.

Morel Table LampMorel Table Lamp for $229.00.

Perry Table LampPerry Table Lamp for $229.00.

Windham Crystal Accent LampWindham Crystal Accent Lamp for $309.00

Chrome and White Accent LampChrome and White Accent Lamp for $134.99.

Wishbone Table LampWishbone Table Lamp for $134.99.


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