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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sara Gilbane Living Room 2

You all know me. I LOVE a designer who combines the classic with the modern and fun. And guess what? Sara Gilbane is another designer who does it just the way I like. She works with another favorite designer of mine, Celerie Kemble, and they clearly share a similar sense of style.

She's got a controlled hand when it comes to adding color to a space and it really shows. All of the rooms below have just the right amount of color and pattern which makes it so pleasing to look at. And more than just looking at it, you can really see yourself living there and enjoying the space she has created. It's all very livable, yet eclectic. I'm definitely taking away some ideas from the photos below.

Sara Gilbane 2nd bdrm

Sara Gilbane 2nd bdrm
If I had another guest room, I would make sure to put a canopy above the bed like this one.

Sara Gilbane nursery

Sara Gilbane dining room

Sara Gilbane Bookcase Desk

Sara Gilbane pantry

Sara Gilbane Dresser Top

Sara Gilbane kitchen

Sara Gilbane bathroom

Sara Gilbane pink bdrm

Sara Gilbane master

Sara Gilbane Living Room

Sara Gilbane 14 east 4th library

Sara Gilbane entry

{Photo Credit: Sara Gilbane}


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