Friday, January 21, 2011

Bulletin Board: Sara Tuttle


If you are a die-hard Domino magazine fan, then Sara Tuttle needs no introduction. However, if you are like me and did not become a Domino magazine reader until after they stopped publishing, then I am happy to tell you that she is a Washington, DC based interior designer who's fresh and classic style are what I aspire to attain.

Her color choices are something I wouldn't think of yet they work beautifully. Wish I could think outside the box when it comes to color. I'm curious, are her choices something you would go for?










{Photo Credit: Sara Tuttle}


Kathysue said...

Absolutely, her color choices are my choices except for one I can't do peach I would replace it with a watermelon color other than that I am a black and white, blue and white, pink, yellow, green gal. Totally a spring person with accents in black and white. I love all of these rooms. I am going to go back and really study all the nuances. Thanks, I love your blog you do an amazing job!! Kathysue

Kae said...

heck yes! the colors are so fresh and done with such incredible taste. I would love for her to redo my house with something equally awesome.

Proper Hunt said...

@Kathysue - I completely with you. It's definitely not a color I gravitate towards immediately. But she's definitely making me think twice about it ;) And thank you for your sweet comment, you have no idea how much that means to me~!

@Kae - So glad you left a comment b/c I am loving your blog! And I know, I would looove to have her do my house. Goodness knows most of the rooms need her help.

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