Linen Closets Need Love Too

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Seattle Times

Not a closet per se, but a linen armoire. Same function though and enviously organized.

Ever since we moved into our house two years ago, I've never once done anything to our linen closet. Meaning, I just cram all of our towels, sheets, and bath rugs in there praying that it all fits. Granted, it's so small that I really can't do much to it but I think it's time I gave it some love and organized its contents properly.

I won't show you what it looks like until I've completely done it up (it looks horrid at the moment), but to help me (and possibly you) get motivated for this big task I thought I'd hunt for some organized (and chic!) linen closets that I want ours to look like.

Martha Stewart

Drawers in a linen closet? To die for.

Martha Stewart

How does one keep sheet sets in order? Slip each sheet set into one of its own pillowcases and you're sure to keep things orderly. Thanks Martha!

Martha Stewart

Labeling is going to be key in getting my closet in order.

Style at Home

Having dividers on each shelf help keep the contents from becoming messy.

Organized By Evelin

I love how everything has a place in the closet. Including toilet paper!

Martha Stewart

I love me some bins - I'm definitely going to have fun shopping for bins.

Family Circle

Our linen closet is smaller than this, can you believe that??

Better Homes & Gardens

Brilliant idea having towel bars installed on the inside of the door.


  1. Omgosh I just wrote a post about my linen closet and I did show some pictures. It is not up yet but scheduled for Monday!!! I love this post and if it is alright I would like to link it to my Mondays post. This is what I aspire too!!
    My closet is more of a prop closet but to have it this organized would be heaven. I love Martha Stewarts look!!! Let me know if I can link back to this post. Kathysue

    PS Be sure and go to my blogaversary post I am having a Container Store gift card giveaway of $75. I think it will help in the storage problem areas!!

  2. Haha! I think everyone is on the same page in terms of getting all rooms and closets in their dwellings to be organized. You are more than welcome to link to this post! Thank you for even thinking to do that!~

    I'll definitely make sure to check out your blogaversary post to try my luck at that gift card ;)

    Thanks Kathysue!

  3. I really like the clothes pin idea for labeling on the bins. :) Great post, thanks!

  4. Thanks! Yes, I completely agree. It's a great way to stay organized and it's inexpensive - that's what I like!

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