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Monday, January 03, 2011

Where can I get that red lacquered luggage rack?

Can you believe that I am already dying for warmer weather. We had a little taste of early, early spring with the 50 degrees we got on New Year's Day and now I can't imagine having to go through 3-4 more months of anything colder than that. Ah well, c'est la vie as they say, but I can take comfort in drooling over interiors that will cheer me up while we go through the cold winter months.

And there's nothing better than fresh, bright colors to do just that! Thanks to my subscription to House Beautiful, I was able to discover HB Home (Healing Barsanti Home), a design firm that clearly infuses color into their work. And I don't mean just throwing up some random colors for the sake of having color, but really placing the right colors together and the right amount of it without taking away from the real purpose of the room. Everything is polished and streamlined, but with a bit of playfulness too which is what I love about their designs. And I think during winter, playfulness is something we all need a little more of to get us through the cold. Don't you think?

New obsession, colorful ceramic lamps.

Absolutely adore the detailed armoire.

A room that doesn't take itself too seriously with the help of colorful artwork.

Not much color going on, but it's just a gorgeous bathroom that I had to share.

Colors don't necessarily have to be in-your-face bright to make an impact. Just having the colors within a pattern create interest.

The color scheme makes me dream of the beach.

Colorful accessories against the muted furniture really liven up the space.

{Photo Credit: HB Home}


  1. I am all about fun, spring colors and I have to have them in my home. I have never been a neutral girl and all the grey and beige interiors, all though they are popular kind of depress me after being in them for awhile. I have to have pops of color so this post made me smile and makes me want to stay here for awhile. Thank you for posting such amazing images. kathysue

  2. @Kathysue - Thank you for enjoying it! I will definitely be living off of color this winter. I gotta stay cheerful in this cold weather :)


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