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A Pretty in Pink Christmas

Monday, December 05, 2011

luxe + lilies

Have I got news for you today. We have been awaiting this day for the past month and I am just over-the-moon to share with you the exciting news: we are having a little girl! I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. Even the fact that I have jury duty tomorrow at 8am doesn't bring me down. Okay, maybe it does just a tad but I'm still grinning like a cheshire cat over my happiness.

I feel like I can finally start planning properly for her nursery since knowing that our baby is a girl makes it that much more real. It's funny, the whole first trimester and even up until earlier this morning, I was still like, "am I really pregnant?" But after seeing our little girl in the ultrasound and seeing her move around like a little acrobat, it really hit both of us how very 'real' she is.

I was going to save this Pink Christmas post for a bit later, but since we just found out we're having a little girl, I figured it was only appropriate to share these Pink Christmas images with you in honor of our news. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Sugar Paper

Making it Lovely

Country Living

Better Homes and Gardens


D Home Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens

Eddie Ross

Country Living

Home Klondike

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  1. This is very exciting news! Little girls are so much fun :) And the nursery design is even better!! Congrats to you and Steve!! Jojo

  2. Congratulations Christina! That's fantastic news! I'm so excited for the both of you!!! :) ~Amy Z.

  3. Sofie is looking forward to a new play date friend! In addition to nursery design, clothes shopping and name picking are also much more fun when you are having a little girl ~ Liisa, Todd and Sofie

  4. @Jojo- Thanks girl!! I'm having so much fun right now looking at nursery ideas as well as clothes too!

    @Amy - Thank you dear!! So good to hear from you! Hope things are going well :)

    @Liisa, Todd and Sofie - This little girl is so happy she has a playmate with Sofie! And I agree with the clothes shopping and name picking. I've already bought a few outfits just because they were too cute to pass up!

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