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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello everyone! So sorry that I've been somewhat MIA recently. Cora recently got a DOC Band which helps her Torticollis (a neck muscle condition) and flat spot on her head. And of course after we got her band, she caught a cold. The poor thing has had a lot to deal with this week. Which means, so have I. I just caught up with laundry and managed to tidy up around the house (she is taking an unusually long nap right now), and thankfully I finally got a moment to sit in front of my laptop to write.

I've got many more preparations to do before Christmas because we are hosting dinner again this year (eek!) but I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! I will be signing off until the new year so that I can spend some quality time with my family. Especially with my hubby since he finally gets a good chunk of time off (clients: keep away please!). Just some random thoughts below, but all holiday related.

The Holiday
It's tradition for me to watch this movie every year around the holidays (along with Love Actually), and this year won't be an exception just because I have an infant. Must watch this movie this weekend!

Celebrations at Home
I hope that all of your holiday celebrations are as glamorous and festive as this photo!

Studio DIY
How cute are these little hats?! If I was hosting a NYE party, you bet your tush I would have these at the ready. No parties this year for us, buuuut I think I'm going to make them anyways just for our little family because they are perfectly festive.
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