Cora's Nursery...All Done!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Well, almost. But if I wait any longer, I'm afraid I'll never post these photos up. You see, I really wanted to wait until I got the final piece for her room (a chandelier), and I found the perfect one, but I have been waiting for it to go on sale. You know me, I try not to pay full retail if I can help it. But seeing as how this chandelier just came out not too long ago, I don't think it'll go on sale any time soon. Which brings me to just saying heck with it and let's just post these photos up because I am too impatient and anxious not to share these with you.

I really shouldn't say that it's all because of my being impatient. Rather it's because I was so inspired by Jenny's post that I read a week ago. That post made me realize that I should just show the room as-is even if in my mind it's not 'done.' Jenny made a great point in her post that sometimes us bloggers get too caught up in the 'grand reveal' because we think that's what people want to see. And yes, it's true. People do want to see a 'grand reveal,' heck I know I do all the time. But people like seeing progress being made, no matter how big or small that progress is. And so, after reading her post, I decided enough is enough and that I would share with you photos of Cora's room. I love it and even though it's still missing that one piece that prevents me from saying, 'it's finally done!' I'd say it's pretty darn close. Without further ado...

You've probably seen this photo already from my previous post, but I wanted to mention that the mushroom pouf was custom made from a wonderful shop called OttoMOMS. I was so inspired by this mushroom pouf from Lulu DK that I knew it would be perfect in Cora's room. I found fabric that mimicked the Lulu DK Firecracker one from Etsy and had it sent to OttoMOMs to be used in creating the pouf.

Oh, just posing for the camera like the little ham that she is.

Remember the Ikea Greek Key Dresser that Steve and I hacked? Well, we repurposed it to be a dresser/changing table for Cora. The color was the right shade of coral, and the size was perfect for her room.

I knew that the angled wall needed some extra oomph and so I thought these whimsical 3D butterflies would be the perfect addition to the wall.

I thought that the Serena & Lily Punch Basics Crib Skirt was perfect for the crib because it is the exact same shade of coral as the dresser and mushroom pouf.

It's funny, I was scouring all over for a pillow to go on this glider and lo and behold this little gem, which I had no idea we had, was sitting in the coat closet waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, it's good to shop around your own house because you never know what you might find. And my search for the right curtains for this space almost made me go custom (not such a bad thing, but quite pricey), but then Land of Nod came to the rescue and so I picked up these lovely lattice ones.

Steve insisted that we have a Tivoli radio in the nursery, so we picked out a yellow one to add a pop of color in the room. And the alcove above her closet is perfect for storing bins filled with extra blankets, outgrown clothes, and other linens.

I love everything about her room, but her closet just might be my most favorite part about it all. You can see how I created the gold, stenciled wall here.

Two of my wonderful friends gifted me with that lovely Julia Denos print (along with a signed copy of the book!), Little Dresses, at my baby shower. Love! I knew I wanted it right above the crib but it needed another print along side it to balance out the width of the crib. I scoured all over and found this delightful Macaron Flavors Laduree print from Etsy. The colors and content were a perfect fit!

The heirloom teacup & saucer were given to me as a gift at my baby shower. Aren't they so lovely? And yes, I framed that Kate Spade card. It was too perfect not too! And it totally rings true of my daughter, she is all of those things describe on that card. The bust of a woman was a total eBay find.

Her gift from mommy & daddy to commemorate her first Christmas. Surprisingly, it was daddy's idea to get something from Tiffany's. Crazy, huh?

My thoughtful parent's picked up those adorable Korean shoes for Cora's first birthday. They're a part of her traditional Korean outfit to celebrate her 1st birthday. They were too pretty to sit in the closet, so I had to display them somehow. And I thought the colors of the shoes complemented the Jen Ramos painting I received for Christmas a year ago. Don't you think?

Just a sampling of the many wonderful books Cora has received since she was born. The giant, green apple is something I picked up a few years back at HomeGoods.

Of course I don't have a 'Before' shot of the room when Steve and his mom were repainting the room (it's on an external hard drive somewhere...), but the closest thing I could find to show you what a transformation this room went through is when it was my home office. Such a difference paint makes, right?
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  1. C,

    Cora's room is ADORABLE! I love it!


  2. super cute! cora is adorable!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. love the 3d butterfly details on the wall! the room is so sweet! cora is too cute :)

    (sorry i deleted the comment before because i didnt want you to think my husband wrote it haha)


  5. Thanks gals! I'm so glad you guys like it! And so sorry that it took so long to post ;) and no worries Jeri hahaha, I was wondering what happened :)

  6. Wow, what an awesome nursery! Love the mix of colors!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  7. Thank you Lexi! So glad you love the colors cause that was my big challenge to myself - mix all the colors that I want in this room without making it seem too chaotic for a baby :)


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