Thursday, August 01, 2013

{Angel Court Thessaly Cuff} {Crystal Necklace} {Emerald Cut Cocktail Ring} {Tassel Earrings} {Bezel Set Cuff} {Symmetrical Stone Statement Necklace} {Cup Beaded Earrings} {Carina Ruby Band} {Art Deco Bib Necklace} {Tassel Belcher Bracelet} {Jeweled Earrings} {Octagon Bracelet} {Hexagon Stackable Rings} {Crystal Point Necklace} {Crystal Stud Earrings}

Hi you guys! What a week it's been. We had a little family getaway this past weekend as I had mentioned before and while it was nice getting away, it was a bit stressful. Let me explain. The day we left, Cora managed to catch the cold that I was getting over. Poor thing! It was her second time getting sick ever (so thankful for that!) and boy was it rough. The minute we got to our cabin (we rented one in Berkeley Springs, WV) Cora had a fever and Steve and I were both freaking out. I mean, she was really burning up and wasn't acting her normal, full-of-life self. Her fever eventually went away the next day, but until it was gone, Steve and I couldn't really relax. There is really nothing worse than seeing your own kid sick. And to have them sick on a vacation was definitely the pits.

Cora is doing much better now, albeit some slight congestion in her tiny little button nose, but all is well and back to normal in the Johnston household. And to celebrate that fact, I give you my Splurges and Saves for the jewelry box. When life gets you down, there's nothing like some really good jewelry to perk you right back up, right? And that's exactly why I gathered up these beauties. I would normally say that there's one item here that I am just dying to have, but honestly, I love all of them equally. I guess I kind of need them all, huh? Any favorites you guys have out of the bunch? Or do you have the same problem and need them all in your jewelry box?
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