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Saturday, July 27, 2013

{Twig Mirror} {Verona Dresser} {Bennington Lamp} {Peyton Shower Curtain} {Rings Sheet Set} {Pop Dot Bed Skirt} {Marbella Chandelier} {Kaleidoscope Kilim Rug}

Sorry for being so MIA this week! I've had a lot on my plate and dealing with my cold has kept me away from all of you. I'm feeling much better now and I am actually on a little family weekend getaway with Steve's side of the family. I wanted to share this post with you earlier, like right after my PBteen Opening post, but life kind of got in the way.

When I saw the products at the PBteen opening that I thought would work well in non-teen spaces, I thought to myself that there were other retailers offering great products originally meant for teens or kids that are also chic enough for adult spaces. So why not hunt down the ones I think you'd all like? Not that these items are super inexpensive, but they are definitely less expensive than if they were being offered at a 'grown-up' store. And some of these items are on sale, so hurry!

These items in the board are just a little sampling of what I've found that I would totally put in my house. There are a lot more at these retailers, but I couldn't fit them all into this board. So definitely check their sites out for more!

*You can see the Marbella Chandelier in a more grown-up way on a board I created over here!
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  1. Glad youre feeling better! Hope youre having a great summer. I love PBteen and their prices are better than PB...a source not to miss!
    xo Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy!! I'm feeling much better, but of course Cora gets sick :( She's on the mend though so we're finally getting through all this yuckiness. Thank you for the sweet thought! Xoxo

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