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Weekend Recap // Lipsticks, Picnics, & For Sale

Monday, August 26, 2013

Picked up these new lipsticks for Fall. So excited to try them out.
L to R {Rimmel Kate 09} {Revlon Plum Velour} {Revlon Berry Haute}

Happy Monday! So sorry for being MIA since last week! It was a crazy, busy week with Steve traveling and me just trying to stay afloat with my two girls. But we survived! Or rather, I survived! I can say with some certainty that I feel stronger and more confident in being alone with my girls for several days with no other help. You may think that it sounds ridiculous and that I should have no problem watching Cora and Emma with no help, but those of you with toddlers and a dog probably know that it's not easy taking care of and entertaining both. Hence, the radio silence from me last week.

The minute Steve came home, I wanted to take a break. You know, let my body (and mind) kind of recoup and just take it easy, as my grandma would say. Meaning, no blogging for awhile. Don't get me wrong. I looove blogging and sharing with you what's going on at home with decorating and other fun stuff. But sometimes I am exhausted at the end of the day and need some time away from the computer to just live life. And maybe enjoy a margarita...or two. Especially with the gorgeous weather we've had lately.

Speaking of gorgeous weather, we finally had a family picnic at Quiet Waters Park this past Saturday to enjoy the weather and to let Cora run around a little. She's conquered walking on grass (a big deal, she's been practicing lots) and we figured we could enjoy a little picnic and let her explore. It was a gorgeous day for it and it was so cute to see Cora walk in a big field, chomping away at a snack.

It was also a rather productive weekend, with tidying up around the house. The process is never a fun one, but the results make it all worth it, right? We managed to remove a chair in our bedroom and put it in the soon-to-be playroom. It frees up space for a full-length mirror, which I'm on the hunt for. We haven't had one in our room, ever. Yes, how sad is that?? We have one in the guest room, but it's so perfect in that space that I dare not move it over. I did, however, come across one at Ballard Designs, but it's just a tad outside of my budget. I'm actually heading to HomeGoods later today to see if I get lucky finding something similar. So far I haven't seen any, but you just never know when you might score that perfect find.

On a rather random note, we are selling our West Elm chandelier - more info & photos below!

Finally cleaned up some of my stacks of magazines. Yes, I have several more stacks to go through. But definitely keeping the InStyles and Domino mags.

We had misplaced her pink raybans until recently and so we had to have her rock them at the park.

A double selfie (?) with the hubby en route to the park.

Cora and I walking back to our lovely picnic.

For Sale!

We've had this stunning West Elm chandelier for 2 years and as much as we love it, we're looking to sell it. We're planning on doing a little redecorating in the dining area and so sadly we must part with this. I will be selling this on Craigslist, but wanted to make it available to my local readers in the MD/DC/VA area first. Please email me at properhunt@gmail.com if you are interested. West Elm is selling it for $349. Our selling price is $200 OBO.

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