Weekend Recap // A Birthday, Doughnuts, & Home Updates

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

These District Doughnuts didn't have a chance against us hungry bloggers.

Sorry for just now giving you a weekend recap! The hubby is out of town for the next few days on business and so it's been a little crazy with Cora (who is teething again) and Emma. Who knew, but they're both quite demanding. Joking aside, I've got lots to catch you up on, especially if you don't follow me on Instagram. Which you should if you don't because there's some good stuff there. I'm kind of an addict with it, so there's always something I'm Instagram'ing.

Let's start off with some exciting news, shall we? So, last week I went over to Meg's perfectly chic apartment for a doughnut brunch. She invited a few of us local bloggers (Hilary, Alina, Naina, & Linda) over to enjoy in some yummy District Doughnuts along with a tasty Paloma cocktail. The very talented Abby captured the lovely party and I am thrilled to say that it is featured on Glitter Guide! It was actually featured yesterday, so sorry for the late announcement! Head on over to see all the fun we had, along with Meg's gorgeous apartment!

Let's continue with the fun stuff! It was also Steve's birthday last week - he finally turned 31, woohoo! No more hearing about me being 4 months older than him anymore. We celebrated by having a romantic dinner at Cafe Normandie in downtown Annapolis. It was such a great night - the weather was perfect, I got to wear my new Zara dress (remember that big sale?), and we stuffed our faces with yummy food. And we continued the birthday celebrations with both of our families throughout the week. We also got to celebrate with our best friends, Lauren & David, which was seriously one of the most indulgent (and delicious) meals I've ever had.

And well, I'll let the photos below speak for the rest of the wonderful weekend!

Steve and I met with our good friends, Lauren & David, at Central Michel Richard (absolutely ahhhmazing food + wine) to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Yay for double-date nights!

You wouldn't think lightly sanding this chair would take that long or be that tiring. Guess I'm a little rusty, because it took me seemingly forever to sand it and then finally paint it. It's all dried and ready to be taken to the upholsterers today to get that gorgeous blue velvet fabric.

The newest piece to my slowly growing gallery wall. I saw this gorgeous print on Glitter Guide last week and knew that I had to add LadyGatsbyLuxePaper's print to my collection. It even came with a notecard of the exact same print (but smaller)! So it's like I got 2 pieces of art for the price of one!

{Dittos Calypso Medium Wash Jeans} {Jcrew Factory v-neck sweater} {Madewell necklace}
My outfit on Sunday for running errands and just hanging out. Those Zara flats are literally the perfect flat sandal. They were sold out online, but I was able to snag them brand new on eBay for $17! And I am now officially obsessed with those Dittos jeans. They're really more like leggings and are actually called that on the inner label. They're super comfy and fit perfectly. And at an additional 15% off, you can't go wrong with them...

Happy Tuesday!
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