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Update // Shop Proper Hunt Is Now Open!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Exciting news guys. My Etsy shop, Shop Proper Hunt, has finally reopened after a few years!! I am so excited to be getting my feet back in the water with having the shop and I hope you guys are excited too because there are some fabulously amazing pieces that I've collected. Head on over there to see what's in and keep going back because I'll be adding to the shop almost daily. Amazing, right? Daily, folks. This time around, I'm going to keep the shop as stocked as I can because I want to keep finding unique, vintage pieces for you guys.

Another update of sorts is that we recently decided to remove the drapes we had in the living room and replace them with plantation shutters. I know, you're thinking I'm not the kind of girl who gets plantation shutters because I love fabric too much. It's true, it was a difficult compromise for me to make because I had to put a hold on the entryway wallpaper project. Gasp! Say it isn't so! Sad, I know. I'm still mourning a little. But honestly, I have to tell you that the plantation shutters are amazing and I really can't see anything else up on our windows. I love me some drapes, but the shutters really keep the room looking clean and bright. And they're vinyl so they're easy to clean, which in the case of Cora, is really the best thing to have in a room where we spend almost all of our time in when at home. Plus they look exactly the same as wood.

Here are some Before shots of the room. I should preface by saying that the Before and After pics don't look that dissimilar (a great testament to the plantation shutters), but just remember that without the shutters, we have absolutely no privacy.

DSC_0016 copy
Persistent artist or potential dancer?

DSC_0021 copy

DSC_0017 copy

And the After pics.

DSC_0001 copy

DSC_0009 copy

DSC_0006 copy
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  1. Love your shop!!! The vintage Italian clutch is amazing. Congrats!!


  2. congrats on your shop opening. i have checked it out and have fallen in love with some pieces.



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