Weekend Recap // Yoga, Cookies, & Family

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday! What a whirlwind of a weekend! I've been kept busy with orders for Shop Proper Hunt (thank you all so much for your support!), along with a packed weekend of family and friends. It all started on Friday for me since I was getting my hair done at Hudson & Fouquet with Fern (love her), and then meeting Christine from Naptown Nannies, who is absolutely lovely & sweet, to give her the goodies she purchased from my shop. Then on Saturday, I tried out aerial yoga for the first time and dined al fresco afterwards to enjoy the beautiful day. And because I had been craving chocolate chip cookies for some time now, I decided to make a slightly different version. I've elaborated on these events below so scroll down for more!

Then on Sunday, we were visited by our good friends, David (aka the baby whisperer) & Lauren, for a Sunday hang-out type of day. Actually, it was more like us girls having girl-time (much needed) while the guys stay home and take care of Cora. It was wonderful to say the least. Lauren and I went to Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy and found too many things for our wallets to handle. She made out like a bandit at Nordstrom Rack while I did at Old Navy. A total win-win for us both.

While life can be full of joy & fun, it can also be fleeting & heart-breaking. We were reminded of this with the passing of Bentley, my brother-in-law's and his wife's dog. It came about so suddenly and unexpectedly and I think we are all still in shock that he's no longer here. Just like Emma, our dog, Bentley was Andrew and Trisha's first baby and to lose a family member so out-of-the-blue has really struck all of us to the core. I don't mean to pull a total 180 here and be a sad Sally, but I hope that hearing this story of life being lost without warning reminds you to hug your loved ones a little closer and to say that you love them because you just never know what might happen.

So as to not end my blog post on a sad note, here are photos that I took from this weekend. Enjoy!

photo 3 copy
My sister-in-law and I received gift certificates for Christmas to try out aerial yoga at Ridgely Retreat (which is an amazing yoga studio btw), and while I enjoyed the use of the fabric to help ease into certain poses, I wasn't really a fan of being inverted. Nausea and vertigo kind of took over any time I went upside-down and stayed with me for the rest of the day. Anyone else experience that with aerial yoga? And if so, how did you combat it because I still feel a little dizzy now and then.

photo 1 copy
We were feeling quite lightheaded and hungry after aerial yoga so what else is there to do but eat Mexican food outside on a gorgeous, sunny day?

photo 2 copy
A blogger friend of mine, Gaby, (gotta love Instagram for bringing people together), made these Oatmeal and Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies and they looked so good that I had to try them out myself. Anything to allow me to eat chocolate chip cookies guilt-free is something I want to try out ASAP and these did not disappoint one bit!

photo-127 copy
Guess where these bags were from? Old Navy!! Don't they look like Coach bags? They really do, especially with those tassels, but at a fraction of the cost. And they feel like real leather too! I honestly don't know how I walked out without one of these since bucket bags are 'in' right now. Might have to go back...

Poppin' bottles with Popeyes! How we ended the night with our friends.

DSC_0004 copy
I've been trying to spruce up the piano in our living room. Because it's not a baby grand, it doesn't exactly have a wow factor type thing going on, so I want to try to make it look like a place where I didn't forget to decorate. This is what I've done so far. What do you guys think?

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