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Weekend Recap // Aurora, Pool Time, & Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


What a wonderful holiday weekend! I hope you all had a great time with family and friends, or just plain relaxing. We've had so much fun that it's been hard getting up this morning and getting back into our routine. I think Cora is also in withdrawal from all of the fun we had. She insisted on eating cake for breakfast. I don't blame her, I had some too!

There is just so much that happened and that I want to share with you that I'll let the photos do all the talking for me. But I will just give a quick run-down of the events in chronological order. Saturday we went to Steve's dad's house and spent the whole day there. Cora's Great Aunts and Uncle were also visiting and hadn't seen her since she was 3 months old (!!!), so we figured it was time they should see her again. Then on Sunday my best friend from Atlanta visited and so we went to the pool to relax and soak some sun. And then afterwards, we had our other good friends come up from Virginia so we could all get dinner together in downtown Annapolis. And then on Memorial Day, my family came over and we just chilled and went out for dinner (we were all too tired to cook). That pretty much sums it all up, so enjoy the photos!

A fun fact about my father-in-law's house is that the front foundation of it was hit by a canon ball during the Civil War and you can still see where it was patched up today.


I'm obsessed with this chandelier.






Cora and her granddaddy.


Pretty much the coolest door lock ever.



There was no better way to end our stay then with some wine and cheese on the back porch.

Her Great Aunts Anne & Ginger gave her this grass skirt and lei and she was loving it.

Her #ootd.

Cora and her Great Uncle Jim thought it was a good day to do yoga outside.

photo 1
We enjoyed our first visit to our pool. It turns out, Cora is a little water baby. Here she is in her new Strawberry cut-out bathing suit.

photo 3

Sunday evening was perfect for dining al fresco on the water with our good friends from out of town.

photo 4
We squeezed in a gardening session before our Memorial Day festivities. We're trying to add more color to both the front and back of the house, and flowers are an inexpensive way to do just that. I'll have more photos on this later!

What's better than a strawberry shortcake (a messy one at that!) for Memorial Day dessert. Not much else can beat that. Well, maybe with the exception of ice cream ;)

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