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Weekend Recap // Family Fun, Our Dream House, & Serena and Lily

Monday, April 27, 2015

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What don't I love about Serena and Lily? Scroll down to see my picks from their newest collection.

Happy Monday! I'm off to somewhat of a slow start today (lower back pain kept me up for some of the night), but I'm excited for this week! It's somewhat of a chill week which is great because I can concentrate on getting ready for our trip to Puerto Rico! We leave early Sunday morning and I cannot wait to get to the beach and have a tropical drink in hand. Granted, at this point in my pregnancy, I'll look like a beached whale, but I don't care. I am just looking forward to basking in the sun and relaxing for a few days. Or trying to relax as much as one can when one brings their almost 3 year old toddler. I know, I know. This trip was supposed to be a baby moon, but we've decided to bring Cora with us. So instead of a baby moon, it'll be a our-last-vacay-as-a-family-of-three vacation.

Our weekend got off to an early start with a trip to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore on Friday. We got tickets for Cora to see Thomas the Tank Engine and she absolutely loved the whole experience. The museum itself is an impressive space and would definitely recommend to anyone with kids to go check it out. Besides seeing Thomas, there was a petting zoo with baby pigs, rabbits, chicks, mini horses (I was most excited about this!), llamas, and baby goats.

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She could not get enough of the animals.

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Sooo, as a Christmas gift from her grandmom, Cora received this kitchen set. But us being procrastinating parents, we never built it until this past weekend (shame on us). We figured since her birthday is just a few weeks away, it was time to build this for her. Ecstatic about this kitchen set doesn't even begin to describe her reaction when she discovered it in the kitchen.

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For fun, Steve and I like to look at real estate and we had found this amazing house. A forever home, really. So, being the uber optimists that we are, we couldn't help ourselves but to drive over to the house to see it in person. A part of me was hoping that it was going to look awful so that I wouldn't get attached to it, but nope, that was not the case. In fact, it looked even better in person than the photos depicted. So now, both Steve and I are in lala land thinking that this is going to be our forever home. We talk about what we'd do to update it and how we'd entertain and live in it. Crazy, I know. But we can dream, right? Anyone want to donate to our forever home fund?

Have you guys seen the newest collection from Serena and Lily? It's sooo good! And they've even added a capsule collection for women! Below are my favorite picks from their new summer collection.

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