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A Quick Beach Weekend Getaway

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The community that we stayed at had these gorgeous model homes, so Trisha (my sister-in-law) and I went on our own tour of them and I just couldn't help but snap a few pics of some of my favorite rooms that we saw. More pics below.

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA all last week! It was kind of a doobie of a week for me. Between Cora's summer cold and getting prepared for a quick (and somewhat last minute) beach weekend getaway, I couldn't get my head into blogging. But I'm back now and ready to share some fun pics from our weekend! My sister-in-law's parents have a beautiful beach home near Rehoboth Beach and so we packed up all of the kiddos (4 girls between us) and headed there for a weekend trip. It was so nice to getaway for a little bit and have the cousins spend some extended time together. BTW, a huge THANK YOU to the Gonitzke's for letting us stay at their beautiful beach home! We had a wonderful time and are scheming of ways to move into your community!

Check out the few snaps that I took during our beach weekend below!

Totally digging the corner upholstered beds in this room.

Not a fan of the fabric on those armchairs, but I'm loving everything about this living space.

This room was such a showstopper, I literally gasped when I walked in and saw the upholstered bed/mirror combo! And I'm not sure if you can tell, but there's undermounted lighting in the tray ceiling - never seen that before! Such a good idea!

Walking on the boardwalk, having some fun~

I bought this H&M pineapple onesie for Vivi before she was born and I won't lie, I was so excited to put this on her since she could finally fit into it! We're about to head to the pool here and she looks pretty happy about the whole thing.

Funland was truly a fun land for Cora! She had a blast going on a bunch of the rides. Side note, I bought cotton candy (really for myself because I hadn't had it in forever) and thought that Cora would like it. Nope, totally was not into it. How is she my daughter?? I inhaled that stuff!

Heading home in this pic and decided to wear a ridiculously comfy dress that I can also nurse in easily!

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