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Friday, November 13, 2015


Happy Friday! It's a beautiful, sunny Fall day here and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have Steve back. Even though it was a rough 6 days without him (more because we all missed him so much!), he brought back lots of goodies for us so that kind of made up for it. This week came and went in a complete storm and I forgot that I never shared with you all photos of our recently updated bedroom. It's nowhere near done but it is definitely in the direction we want to go in.

We got hardwood floors installed on our top floor a few weeks ago, because we were sick of the carpet being used as a bathroom for our dog. I know, totally gross. It grossed us out to the point where we were like, we need hardwoods up here! Since we had to move out pretty much everything in the room except the bed and dresser, we thought why not play around with the configuration of the furniture just for fun. And we love this new layout! With the hardwood floors, the space feels larger & airier, and you can actually tell that we painted the walls! It's a ridiculously light blue/lilac/gray and with the light carpet, you couldn't tell that we had indeed painted the walls. But now with the contrast of the wood floors, you can see the color a lot more.

Anywho, we have quickly realized that we need a rug. The floors make everything so much more echoey and so we have to tiptoe just so we don't wake up the girls at night. And I've probably mentioned this a hundred times on here, but I have been looking for a bed for us for some time now with no luck. What can I say, I'm extremely picky and if we are going to spend $$ on it, I want to make sure that I love it and that Steve equally loves it too. Apparently, that's a tall order, BUT I think I found THE ONE. And yes, Steve loves it too. Now it's just a matter of saving some $$ and then ordering it. Did I mention that we ordered this for Steve's office?? That is why we need to wait before making another large purchase, but more on his office later.

Getting back to our bedroom. Here are a few snaps of it right now. We removed my desk from the room because there was no room for it in this new layout, which now means I need a nightstand. And we are on the hunt for a large rug. I'm loving this one, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

I promise to share some Before pics with more After pics in another post, but for now I hope you enjoy these! Happy weekend!







  1. I love the beach print. Do you mind sharing the source?


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