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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

LOFT Flares / Candy Shop Vintage Champagne Bottle Pendant Necklace / Forever 21 top

Happy New Year! How was everyone's holiday weekend? I hope you all ushered the new year with lots of love and champagne! We spent lots of time with family and while it was jam-packed full of fun, I am SO glad we are getting back to our normal routine. Of course, Vivi had a little too much fun and caught a cold from this weekend, but other than that life is back to normal. We started taking down our Christmas decorations and I think Cora got the Christmas blues for the first time. She got a little sad when we put the Christmas ornaments away. Luckily, we told her that we've got Valentine's Day and Easter coming up so that put a smile back on her face.

It's always sad putting the holiday decorations away, but I have to say, I'm really excited about 2016 now and starting anew. I wasn't as excited about the new year on New Year's Eve or even New Year's Day. It's funny, I was really excited about 2015 because Vivienne was going to be born but with 2016, I kind of felt like there wasn't anything big to look forward to. But I've come to realize this past weekend that sometimes you don't need something big to look forward to, because just being with my family and my friends are what makes this life so wonderful. You could give me all the Chanel bags and Valentino rock stud heels in the world, but nothing would make me happier than spending time with family. (Don't get me wrong, bring on the Chanel and Valentino's!) So this year, I'm just excited about all of the times I'll have with them and seeing my little girls be loving sisters and seeing their personalities develop even more. I'm already seeing so much love from Cora to her baby sister (and vice versa! The admiration that Vivi has for Cora is quite possibly the cutest thing in the world! I'm sure that'll change as they get into their teenage years, but I'm soaking it in for now.) and it really is all I need in this life.

And I am so thankful that I have this space as a creative outlet and that you all enjoy following along! I love creating things whether it's through cooking, baking, table-scaping, putting together outfits, or just making my home a place that I feel is beautiful and sharing it with you. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to do more in all of those aspects of my life this year, all the while getting a better handle of being a mom to two girls. It's a pretty tall order there, eh? But the key word is hopeful. Keep me accountable you guys! Anyways, I've been rambling so let me stop so you can scroll and look at all of the pics I took over the weekend.

Went to Target a few days after Christmas to get some necessities and saw the new Threshold line. Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover it. I somehow let this bar cart slip away and am in the opposite of buyer's remorse. Head here to see more of my favorite picks from the new line.

Spent NYE with our friends/neighbors with a wonderful dinner and lots of champagne. The kiddos are all best friends and had a blast ringing in the new year together.

It got real cold on New Year's Day, so I bundled up my sleeveless turtleneck with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

Our colorful Korean traditional dresses to wear to usher in the new year.

Vivi's first Sae Bae! It's a Korean tradition, on New Year's Day, where you bow to your elders and wish them many blessings in the New Year. In return, the elders, or in my case my parents, give money in envelopes. Clearly, Vivi knows that there's some good stuff in that envelope!

Here we all are! Can I just say that spending time with my family just might be the thing I love the most in life!

I snuck this photo while the cousins were playing together at Granddaddy's house.

Went to Hip and Humble in Berryville, VA and found some really amazing things! Love the color of both doors.

That table!

I almost brought that painting home with me. Might have to go back just for that piece of art.



My Neighbor and Me is definitely one of the coolest shops in Berryville, VA. They are a "fair-trade gift shop dedicated to selling hand-crafted goods created by marginalized producers of the Global South while providing a fun environment interacting with neighbors," and I definitely got a few goodies to support their wonderful mission.

So regretting not picking up one of these baskets at My Neighbor and Me!

Ended the weekend with a little shopping at the Leesburg Outlets. You know the MD/VA/DC area is a small world when you run into your old neighbors from Columbia, MD while shopping at Gymboree!


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