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A Sweet Yet Sexy Spring Look

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Women's Knit Bardot Dress / H&M Trenchcoat / Ann Taylor Cora Suede Laceup Sandals / Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag / Kate Spade Idiom Bangle Bracelet / Amelia Rose Brushed Gold Cocktail Ring

Happy Tuesday! I just have to apologize for being MIA for so long! Between everyone in our house getting sick at one point and just dealing with Vivi teething and having trouble sleeping at night (she's an extremely light sleeper and unfortunately shares a wall with her very noisy sister), this mama hasn't had much energy at night to bring you some new posts. I mostly work at night since Vivi demands all of my attention during the day (with the exception of nap time but that's also the time I need to get household chores done), but the nights have turned into when I need to veg out majorly.

I'm hoping we get her back on track with sleeping a full 10-11 hours at night, but until then I hope this outfit post satisfies your style cravings. If not, always check on my Instagram and Snapchat (username: properhunt) accounts because I'm always posting something whether it's new items that I'm getting (especially for our Florida trip next week or just silly videos of the kiddos).

Okay, let's get to this outfit. I went to Target the other day and spotted this Who What Wear collab dress and immediately had to snap it up! It's so classic in the way that it's black & white striped and you really can't go wrong with the length. It's so lady-like with the length but sexy with the off-shoulder neckline. It's kind of got the vibe of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday but mixed with Brigitte Bardot. I guess that's why they named the dress Bardot Dress, eh? And I cannot give more love to these sandals even if I tried. They literally are the perfect color, height, style, I mean do I need to go on??

I'd been looking for the perfect trench for this Spring, but I can't really wear the typical beige colored trench coats out there. It just doesn't go well with my skin tone, probably because it's so close in color and it just washes me out. Well, I came across this H&M trench coat and knew the pale blush pink/beige color would work well. Plus, I loved the price at $59.99. I'll admit, I was a little unsure about the fact that it isn't lined (I like things lined, somehow it seems like it's better quality, ya know?), but it actually works well that it isn't lined. It keeps it light & easy to throw on and that's exactly what I was looking for in a new trenchcoat.

Hopefully the weather will stay warm, that way I can wear this look all the time!













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