Weekend Recap

Monday, March 14, 2016

Thanks to Caitlin for the heads up, I was able to snag some anemones from Whole Foods!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was great with the exception of Vivi getting sick. Poor baby had a fever for a day and a half (she's never had one before), but luckily she's feeling much better despite a cough. I was feeling a bit down yesterday because it just feels like this household of mine just won't get 100% healthy. My best friends had their first baby and we have yet to meet him and congratulate them in person because we've all been sick. I think we're all on the mend now, but if you could, feel free to send healthy vibes our way!

So this past weekend, we took the girls to Homestead Gardens to check out this flower show they're having. It was so nice to see colorful blooms (really got me thinking Spring is right around the corner) and to get out of the house. Cora especially loved it, she was running around checking things out. I think she's excited about Spring getting here too.

Here are some snaps of the weekend! Hope you all have a great Monday!


Wish I had written down what these flowers were, because I want to plant them everywhere!

Rows and rows and rows of flowers!

Okay, so if we're being honest here, this was probably Cora's favorite part of our trip here.

I had a great meeting at Wrabyn last Thursday and we've got some fun stuff up our sleeves. They've got the most fashion-forward pieces in Annapolis, and get this, their sale racks are da bomb! This outfit is on sale now and is so comfy and chic, and can easily be mixed and matched with existing pieces in your closet.

New favorite top. It's so comfy and flattering! Hurry to snag one before they sell out.

We normally make pizza on Friday nights, but we decided to make it yesterday for lunch instead. We're kind of fanatics when it comes to pizza if it wasn't already evidenced on my Instagram feed or snapchat account (properhunt).


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