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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Joie Yara Wool Blend Peplum Peacoat / Abercrombie Shoulder Slit Dress / J.Crew Mini Rider Bag / B.P. 55mm Cat Eye Sunglasses / House of Harlow 1960 Double Dome Pearl Enamel Ring / Kate Spade Holland Watch / Lavand Leather Gloves/ Madewell Jimi Over The Knee Boots

I'm back with another Hi/Lo post and I hope you like this one guys! I'm still alive, I promise. This hand, foot, mouth disease that I caught from the girls is no joke and I wouldn't wish it on my enemy. Oh wait, did I even tell you guys that we picked it up a week and a half ago? I think I mentioned it on Snapchat and Instagram stories, but if I didn't mention it on the blog, now I am. Vivi caught it first (poor thing!), and then Cora followed suit (a very mild case), and now I'm dealing with it (intense sore throat and some chills). Luckily, we all had/have a mild case of it so I'm really thankful for that, but I have been struggling to keep up with everything at home and on the blog front. My apologies for going in and out on social media and on here. Anyways, on to more fun stuff, yes?

Okay, so this Hi/Lo is SO good! It's actually kind of ironic, I'm not even in the market for a short peacoat but when I saw this one, I bookmarked it and decided to create a Hi/Lo post around it. That's how much I love this coat. And I haven't featured much florals on the blog this season, and it's crazy because florals are huge right now. So when I spotted this fun slit dress (only $27!), I knew it'd be great paired with that peplum coat.

You guys have seen my vintage gold chain watch, right? It's pretty much the only watch I wear when I actually remember to wear it. Well, good news! I found you guys the closest thing in style to it in this Kate Spade Holland Watch! I'm thinking I might need to add this to my holiday wish list because I'm loving the thin chain strap on this one.

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