Girls Trip Spring Essentials

Thursday, March 08, 2018

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Happy Thursday! Every year, my girlfriends and I try to go on a girls trip so we can be together for a few days and just reconnect and have fun. We all live in different states and so these girls trips are really special since we don't get to see each other very often. Two years ago, we went to Key Biscayne for a bachelorette party for Alicia and that was just so much fun.

This year we are headed to West Palm Beach, Florida and I for one am beyond excited about going there! We've never been there before and have always wanted to go. It looks so colorful and lush and it'll be so fun for the four of us to explore it together.

We're leaving in a few weeks (yippee!) and so of course I've got what I'm packing on my mind. And if I had a never ending budget for this trip, you better believe I'd bring everything in this roundup with me. I'm obsessed with it all and think that each piece is so perfect for Spring and will transition effortlessly into Summer.

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