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Our Weekend at the Tides Inn

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

We've been back from our weekend trip to The Tides Inn for a few weeks now and I have been wishing we were still there. Its been a bit of a tradition for us to go there every summer with Steve's dad and brother's family for the past 3 years, and its a tradition that I look forward to every year. The Tides Inn is a wonderful place, whether you go with family, or if it's a romantic getaway, it's just the perfect setting for relaxation, pool time, and great food.

Each year it seems to get better because there's less man-handling Vivi, haha. I say that half jokingly, but seriously, it's just gotten easier because she keeps getting more and more independent. And with her getting older, she and Cora play together making it less work for us parents and more fun to watch them. Plus, we get to enjoy the surroundings which makes it feel a bit more like a real vacation.

But let me get back to the The Tides Inn. It's really a beautiful place in a setting that instantly slows you down and has you living in the moment. And that's really what you want, to enjoy everything that The Tides Inn has to offer and be present for it.

Okay, so here are a few snaps of our quick road trip to The Tides Inn and all the fun we had with the girls there. I've also included outfit details just in case you were wondering ;)

Stopped by Horne's to stretch our legs and to have lunch. Both my cheesesteak sub and Steve's BLT were AMAZING.

She's got the whole pool glam look down, I'd say.

We had our first dinner at Lee's, and I had the best fried chicken ever. We had gone last year and I told myself that I had to get fried chicken again.

There was a crazy storm that rolled in so instead of going out and getting ice cream for dessert, we just ordered it at the hotel for the kids. Their brownie & ice cream game is strong at The Tides Inn.

Room service breakfast with these cuties while Steve went golfing with his brother and dad.

After breakfast, I took the girls to walk around the grounds of The Tides Inn.

All I told Cora to do was stand there and she took the photo to the next level with that pose/look.

My cuties.

Time for the pool! I saved this Janie and Jack suit from when Cora used to wear. So glad I did because it's still one of my favorites of theirs.

Again, nailed the pool glam look.

On our way to dinner on the second night. We went to a Mexican restaurant like we did last year but I completely forgot to take any pictures when we got there because Vivi fell asleep in the car and I was holding her at dinner.

Dress / Shoes / Zara bag / Sunglasses

We ate here last year and made sure to come back this year. It's got great breakfast food & coffee, and a cute outdoor patio.

We had a big reunion lunch with Steve's dad side of the family at the restaurant in the hotel, but this little one was full of jumping beans so I took her out for a walk and had some fun with the chess set.

Until next year The Tides Inn!
Top / Skirt / Shoes / Zara bag / Sunglasses


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