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Friday, September 14, 2018

Sept Fall Edit updated 2

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I'm back to blogging and boy does it feel good! It's been so long and with school starting back up for the girls, I didn't think I would get to do this until a little later. But we are in a good rhythm with our routine and with the weather turning a little cooler, it only felt right to share some of the Fall pieces that have caught my eye lately.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I really wasn't ready for Fall but when we had those hot, swampy days last week, I was wishing and praying for cooler weather! And now that it's here (a bit sporadic but I'll take it!), I have been searching the internet for chic things to wear.

I wasn't sure if all the things that I've been wanting would be cohesive for a board, but it turns out there's clearly a theme. Definite neutrals with browns & burgundies, plus the addition of croc thrown in there for good measure. And I can't not talk about the teddy bear coat. After wearing my sherpa coat all the time last year, I was really hoping that sherpa would be in again for this season. And it is! I'm loving the shape and simplicity of this one from Emerson Fry.

There are quite a few more items I meant to add to this edit, so I'll be back with another edit very soon. There really are SO many good pieces for Fall and I am excited to blog about them now that I've got the time.

Happy Shopping friends!

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