The Bathrooms Get a Makeover

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christina's Painted Powder RoomOur Powder Room which desperately needed some color.
{Calypso, Ralph Lauren Paints}

Okay people, I know I have been a bit neglectful with writing and posting but I had a really good reason. My best friends and I had a girls' weekend since our good friend, Alicia, was visiting from Georgia. We split the time between DC and Annapolis and well, you guys know me, I only clean when I have company over. I also do home improvements when company comes over so I decided to paint the powder room and the guest bathroom before the girls' arrival.

Unfortunately, and I should've thought of this before I started anything in both bathrooms, I do not have any 'Before' shots of either bathrooms so you'll just have to envision how colorless they looked before I attacked them with paint brushes.

The Powder Room
I was overly ambitious in what I wanted to achieve before the girls came over and I'll tell you why. I really wanted some sort of chair rail in there, but alas Home Depot let me down (they don't cut molding for you). I do not own any type of saw let alone a power saw so the chair rail idea had to go out the window until I could get my dad's help on it (he was out of town that whole week).

So without the chair rail, I decided to go ahead and paint the room as if I had the chair rail. I figured I would add it in a few weeks so I might as well paint the room the way it would be with it up there. And so, VoilĂ ! *

The Guest Bathroom
Normally I have an idea of what color I want to have up on the walls in a particular room, but for the guest bathroom I was a bit stuck. But then I went to Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and found the most perfect shower curtain ever. It's the Bethany Shower Curtain and has most of my favorite colors all in this gorgeously feminine palampore design. I knew that I wanted the color of the walls to really play up the shower curtain so I went with a light khaki color.

I would tell you the name of the color, but honestly I don't know what it is. Long story short, it's a custom color from Home Depot and I'd be more than happy to share the formula with you all, just let me know. One thing I can tell you for certain is that I will not be using Glidden paints again. I did use Glidden for this bathroom and although it did turn out alright, I noticed several places where the paint was lifted along with the blue tape that I used and that NEVER happens when I paint. I would recommend Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, or Ralph Lauren and if not then go with Behr. Behr is great but I can tell a difference with the application of it compared to the other 3.

We moved the mirror that was downstairs above the fireplace up to this bathroom since I didn't like the look of the giant frameless stock mirror that came with the house.

Had to add some artwork in this bathroom since there's a lot of wall space, plus the fuchsia frame really brings out the pinks in the shower curtain.

Now, all I need to do is replace the light fixture and possibly add another towel rack/ring and this room will be 100% done!

*The chair rail will be added at some point this weekend.


  1. Beautiful!! I too am a fan of using framed mirrors for bathrooms. (Taking mental notes for when we finally get a place of our own!) You'll have to post detailed steps on how to install a chair rail!

    Your blog has inspired me to get off my lazy butt and do something about our place even tho we're still renting. perfect timing, since we're moving to a new place this wknd!

  2. Thanks Kyung Hwa! Congrats on moving to a new place! And I will definitely have a post on the installation of a chair rail. Hopefully, it'll turn out alright (fingers crossed!).

    Seriously, the ONLY time I do anything to the house is when we're expecting company. Otherwise, I wouldn't do a thing to the house. Maybe I should have guests come over more often, eh? haha

  3. beautiful mirrors make for a lovely bathroom. :)


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