My Top 10 Trends for 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

{Tory Burch has become one of my sources of fashion & home inspiration. Her Palm Beach boutique gives me lots of ideas!}

I was going to attempt to figure out what the heck the trends in home decor were going to be for 2010 and well yea, I clearly bit off way more than I could chew so I've taken a slightly different turn with the usual Top 10 Trends list you normally see at the beginning of each year.

These Top 10 Trends are what we've seen in the past, present, and hopefully future (so I'm not completely wrong) but are ones that really strike a cord with me. I really, really am hoping to see these trends come to fruition in my home by the end of this year because I don't want to become that person that says they'll do something but never do. Keep me accountable if I start slipping.

10. Outdoor Vacation Spaces

People aren't traveling as much as they used to and so they are creating their own destination vacation right in their own backyard, making it as luxurious as they need it to be. Come spring time, I'll be sprucing up our deck to make it just as relaxing as the outdoor spaces below.

{Photo Credit: Domino}

{Photo Credit: Domino}

{Photo Credit: Domino}

9. Home-y Offices

With more people working from home (yours truly included), people want their home office to be cozy and personal. They want it to be functional and stylish, but most importantly comfortable. The home office will be getting a lot more attention than it did in the past in my opinion. I know mine is getting a ton of attention from me!

{Photo Credit: Ruthie Sommers}

{Photo Credit: Turquoise Design}

{Photo Credit: Traditional Home}

8. Sleek Technology

I only have my husband to blame since now I too want to have tech-y products that are stylish. I think it all started when I got my first Mac back in college and has stuck with the both of us ever since (we started dating before I got my Mac). And now that we're a little older and finally making money, I am definitely eye-ing both of these products.

{Photo Credit: Tivoli Audio}

{Photo Credit: Apple}

7. Wallpaper

I've said it before and I'll say it again, today's wallpaper is most definitely not your grandmother's wallpaper. And boy am I glad for that! Wallpaper is making a come back in a fresh new way and we'll be seeing a lot of it in 2010. I hope to get some wallpaper up in my powder room one of these days...

{Photo Credit: Rita Konig}

{Photo Credit: elegance redefined}

{Photo Credit: Decor Pad}

6. Fabrics in all Forms

I say fabrics in all forms because I want to reach the whole gamut, if you will, of fabrics and what it all entails. I'm talking from fabrics you get your furniture upholstered in, all the way down to the rugs on the floors. I'm really going to try my best to branch out and try new things this year which includes new fabrics and rug styles that I normally would not try. Wish me luck!

{Left: Lee Jofa, Right: Trellis Print}

{Left: Gloria's Garden Rug, Right: Gardenia Rug}

5. Ethnic Prints & Objects

Umm, all I have to say is that it is imperative that I incorporate some kind of asian/ethnic piece in our home before the year is up. Or else I'm just going to spontaneously combust or something. I just have to have it in my house!

{Photo Credit: Angie Hranowsky}

{Photo Credit: Kendall Wilkinson}

{Photo Credit: Homemakers online}

4. Bright Colors

With all that's happened last year I think I can confidently say that we're all hoping for a better year in 2010. So why not bring in some bright colors to cheer us up and keep us hopeful and optimistic? Oh, and Pantone announced PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise is 2010's new color of the year so get ready to see a lot more turquoise if you already haven't!

{Photo Credit: Entertaining with Style}

{Photo Credit: Homemakers online}

Fuchsia is definitely one of my favorite colors.

{Photo Credit: Chapman Radcliff Home}

3. Lacquer it All

The minute I saw these two pieces (the red secretary and blue dresser) I knew that I would have to have something lacquered in the house. I've been keeping my eyes out for something that would fit in our house but no such luck yet but I think with the extra push from trying to accomplish Trend #2 (you'll see what I'm talking about in a sec), I should be able to do-it-myself at some point.

{Photo Credit: Christopher Maya}

{Photo Credit: Johnson Hartig}

2. Recycled Decor

I think people get intimidated by the thought of going green (aside from recycling - that's easy) since it can be really daunting and somewhat expensive (all worth it) but going green doesn't necessarily mean having to purchase new things that are "green." It can mean recycling/refurbishing already existing pieces you have in your home (giving it a new coat of fresh low-VOC/non-toxic paint) to heading out to your local thrift stores to find wood pieces that just need some TLC.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is going to be a major goal I set out for myself this year. I want to think outside the box when it comes to furniture since I'm always thinking of retail stores before thrift stores.

Just so you all can get a better sense of what kind of transformations occur when people recycle found items, check out what Karen Olivia of Alkemie did when she found an old sofa and turned it into a showstopper.

Absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

1. Getting the Eclectic Look

I'm sure I've said this many a time in my previous posts but I so badly want to have a house that already has the eclectic style down pat. But I have to remind myself that I want the eclectic look because I've collected pieces over time, not because I am just buying random things all at once to get that look. So, I'm thinking since I have a full year to accomplish this huge feat, I'm pretty sure I can do it.

{Photo Credit: Jeanne Conte}

{Photo Credit: Bunny Williams}

{Photo Credit: Joe Nye}

{Photo Credit: Alessandra Branca}


  1. Love love the eclectic look. I must maintain patience though... By the way, I'll be living in Paris for a few months this Spring. What can I bring home with me that's affordable but adds to the eclectic style of my home? What shouldn't I miss design wise? Thank you!

  2. Oooh, I'm so jealous! I'll be going in late May for my belated Honeymoon so maybe we'll run into each other!

    When in Paris, I say keep your eyes peeled for great photo ops since photos you take will be unique to the ones you find in stores and can be framed or blown up and used as wall art.

    Also, check out the great flea markets of Paris (Porte de Montreuil, Porte de Vanves, & Saint-Ouen/Porte de Clignancourt) for any textiles, soaps, and original art while you're out shopping since those are fairly easy to pack in your luggage.

    I hope this helps! I'll be sure to do a post on Paris shopping so that we both can get some good suggestions for our trips.

  3. Great post. Many of these are favorites of mine as well.


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