Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Je Suis Désolé

{Photo Credit: Rina JeriLee Outzen}

I'm sorry! I have been so MIA these past few weeks and I only have myself to blame. Well, and work too. My 9-to-5 job has been sucking every ounce of energy out of me these past few weeks which is why you haven't heard as much as a peep from me. And I'm afraid work will continue to spit me up and chew me out for at least a few more weeks. Sad, I know but I promise you will hear from me at least once a week if not twice a week from now on. For today though, I'm going to have to keep it short and sweet.

Have you fellow East Coasters been enjoying this beautiful weather? I sure hope so! Spring weather makes me so happy and especially this Spring because of all the blizzards we've survived. You know what else makes me happy? A beautiful white kitchen like the one below. I'm completely ga-ga for it. And those bar stools! They're exactly what I've been looking to replace ours with.

{HGTV: Kitchen Remodel}

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Artsy Chic Living Room

The colors, furniture, and artwork of this chic and artsy living room all caught my eye. I don't even know who's living room this is (got this off of HGTV's site) but I love how the bold colors work with the simplicity of the room. There's not much furniture or many decorative accessories in the room, which really works because they are not competing with the bright bold colors found in almost every aspect of the room (i.e. wall color, window coverings, rug, pillows, and furniture).

What I really love is the artwork: it has clean, simple lines and not much color at all, making stand out against the green walls. And don't even get me started on the architectural element of the room that I truly love – the archways – because that's a totally different post that needs to be addressed.

This room just makes me so happy and it is really inspiring. You don't need a lot of "stuff" to create a beautiful room. It's all about balance. Balancing color, furniture, scales of said furniture and any decor items, and making sure it works for your lifestyle.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh My God Becky, Look At Her Lamp!

{Page in the catalog that I can't stop thinking about}

I just got the new Spring 2010 Crate and Barrel catalog and all I can say is that there is one page in there that I cannot stop thinking about! Normally, there'd be at least 5 pages that I would be drooling over but surprisingly not this time around. Well, okay there is 5 but still! But the one in particular that keeps coming to mind revolves around their gorgeously spring-y lamps! They're all quite affordable and would really go with anything you've already got in your home.

And yes, there is one that screams "Pick me! Pick me!" It really would look perfect on our foyer table...

Hutton Table Lamp for $129.00

This is the "One" I'm talking about. How pretty is it?? It's simple in shape and color but the texture really makes it unique.

Some of the ones below are from Crate and Barrel and some are not. Either way, they reminded me of the warmer months that I am so impatiently waiting for.

Pineapple Table LampPineapple Table Lamp for $179.00.

Wood Table Lamp - BrownWood Table Lamp - Brown for $129.99.

Green Ceramic Table LampGreen Ceramic Table Lamp for $142.49.

Phoebe Table LampPhoebe Table Lamp for $149.00.

Addison Table LampAddison Table Lamp for $119.00

Zoe Table LampZoe Table Lamp for $139.00.

Flagger Table LampFlagger Table Lamp for $19.99.

Morel Table LampMorel Table Lamp for $229.00.

Perry Table LampPerry Table Lamp for $229.00.

Windham Crystal Accent LampWindham Crystal Accent Lamp for $309.00

Chrome and White Accent LampChrome and White Accent Lamp for $134.99.

Wishbone Table LampWishbone Table Lamp for $134.99.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Like Nice Lingerie For Your Drawers

LivingEtc wrapping paper to line your drawers{LivingEtc}

If there is anything I can do to spice up an item that I use everyday, then by golly I'm going to do it! And with that said, I can't think of a better everyday item that could be a bit gussied up than drawers and shelves! Just like lingerie, drawers are hidden but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. Especially for those who get to take a peek, why not? They even make scented drawer liners which will help keep your clothes smelling good, so it's like lingerie and perfume all in one!

Another good option if you can't find scented drawer liners are gift wrap paper. They come in lots of different patterns and colors and if the paper is thick enough, they are just as sturdy as drawer liners. One thing to note though, I wouldn't recommend gift wrap paper for kitchen drawers since water will definitely damage if not destroy the paper. Instead, I would opt for oil cloth or drawer liners specifically for kitchen drawers. If you need a how-to guide for placing drawer liners, check out this step-by-step guide from homelife.

I've already used drawer liners in my vanity in our bedroom but after finding the ones below, I might just have to switch them out for new ones!

Scented Shelf & Drawer Liners
Each roll includes four sheets; each measuring 18" x 24" for $11.99

Chevron Drawer LinersChevron Drawer Liners
12" x 18" sold in a pack of 6 for $25.00

Scented Drawer Liners in Giftboxes
6 sheets for $18.95

Elum Designs Bamboo Lattice (Canary) Designer Gift Wrap Paper
22" x 34" sheet for $3.75

Scented Drawer Liners for $16.00

Moorish Blue Drawer LinerMoorish Blue Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft

Lace Drawer Liners
16.5" x 22"; 6 Liners Per Box for $18.00

Zinnas Drawer LinerZinnas Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft

Castelbel Portugal - boxed drawer liners 6 sheets
18.7" by 24" for $15.99 (1 box of 6 sheets)

Cherry Blossoms Drawer LinerCherry Blossoms Drawer Liner
$2.00 /sq ft- $5.75/sq ft

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