Looking Back on My Top 10 Trends of 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

{Vintage Culture}

It's that time of year again when we start looking back to see what we've accomplished and if we have really followed through with our resolutions. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. Do you guys remember my Top 10 Trends list for 2010? Well, let's just see how well I adhered to it.

10. Outdoor Vacation Spaces - Hmmm, maybe I should've started with another trend...this one didn't get much love from me but that's cause I was busy doing other projects inside the house. This one won't be forgotten this year though, promise!

9. Home-y Offices - At first, we had a bit of a struggle with this one since we both disagreed on what the main function of the room should be, but in the end we decided that a full functioning home office was the way to go and we managed to get a great start on designing it.

8. Sleek Technology - My husband is a total Apple freak and I'm definitely becoming one slowly but surely. Which is why I just had to get the iPad before him!

7. Wallpaper - I swear, if there is only one thing I do for the house this year, it's going to be getting wallpaper up in at least one of our rooms! I'm thinking our bedroom will get a wallpapered wall (just a statement one) and then the powder room...

6. Fabrics in all Forms - Okay, so I had figured that out of any of the trends, this would've been the one that I would've gone all out crazy on. But sometimes a little goes a long way and in this case, these drapes added just the right amount of pattern needed in the kitchen.

5. Ethnic Prints & Objects - Argh, yet another trend that somehow slipped through the cracks.

4. Bright Colors - Hands down, the brightest and most colorful room in our house is the tv room on the first floor. After it's major transformation from having brown walls to a gorgeous blue, it's the kind of welcoming room I want people to walk into when they come over.

3. Lacquer it All - I must say that I am quite proud of myself for actually accomplishing this trend. Out of the ten, this was the one I most looked forward to in terms of the end result. And I have to say, it did not disappoint me at all. The vintage secretary desk that I found on Craigslist was the find of the year in terms of the transformation it made. This is hands down one of my favorite pieces in the house.


2. Recycled Decor - I may be cheating here, but I'd say this goes hand in hand with the secretary desk in #3. I do have another project in the works that is solely for this trend, but that won't happen for a little bit (gotta get the piggy bank to eat a bit more).


1. Getting the Eclectic Look - This, I believe, will always be a work-in-progress kind of thing, but I think looking back at all of our home improvements and the new pieces we've acquired/recycled, I think we're slowly but surely getting there.


Seven out of ten ain't too shabby, I'd say. You betcha bottom dollar I'll have it all covered by next year!

Here's to making New Year's resolutions and sticking to them the best we can. Have a fabulous Happy New Year everyone! And don't forget, drink lots of champagne.


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