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High & Low // Beach Essentials For Me & Cora

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi guys! It's a beautiful (looking) day here but not to be fooled easily, it's actually freezing outside. We're expected to get snow starting tonight and honestly I am so sick of snow. And the cold. This winter has been particularly bad in our area and I am ready for the temps to get warmer. All I can think about is heading to the beach, laying out in the sun, and getting a tan. Oh, and how can I forget a fruity drink in hand! We do have a beach trip planned for next month and all I've been doing is thinking about how wonderful it'll be when we get to Florida to enjoy the hot sun and relax with our friends.

With that in mind, I really couldn't help but create a new series called, High Or Low with some beach essentials that I need or want. I'm really excited about this new series because it is so much fun, of course, to fantasize about buying super expensive items, but then find their less pricey counterparts to actually buy. And I really couldn't create a beach essentials list for myself without creating one for Cora, now could I? And I have to say, I kind of wish there were adult sizes of her items because they're all too cute!

Hope you're all staying warm & safe if you're about to get hit by this snow storm!

Hat / Swimsuit Top / Swimsuit Pant / Dress / Sandal / Beach Tote

Hat / Swimsuit Top / Swimsuit Pant / Dress / Sandal / Beach Tote

Dress / Hat / Bathing Suit / Sandals / Sunglasses

Dress / Hat / Bathing Suit / Sandals / Sunglasses
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  1. OMG that bathing suit for a toddler is adorable!

    1. Haha, isn't it too cute?? I wish they made them in adult sizes!! ;) xo


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